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My goodness. We have a a source of actual research. Hear ye, hear ye…..Great and informative read DoggiDoc22!

By the way, from 20 years in the feed milling business, you must have a starch to hold the other ingredients together. Wheat, corn, peas, tapioca, potatoes, etc. You cannot make an extruded or pelletized product without a binder. SOooo, you need to find the most nutritious binder that will still hold your ingredients together. Corn was not used as an inexpensive grain to substitute for meat. Wheat has almost double the protein and is a much better binder than corn. Corn can be abused if used in large quantities of a mix, but it is not in certain brands. If it is the first ingreadient, then I would not feed that food. If it is down the list a ways, no problem.

Recent Replies