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I am actually going to recommend Natural Balance limited ingredient diets. I do want to note that Diamond does manufacture some of their foods, not all but some. I’m not sure of which formulas so you would have to contact NB if you would like to know for certain. Anyway, I have one Cavalier (the Ruby, Laverne, pictured in my avatar) that has allergy/intolerance issues. I believe she has food and environmental problems. When I finally put her on NB Swt. Pot. & Fish kibble (now I do also top with NB and other brands of canned food) and NB limited ingredient treats she has responded well. Even the other dogs are doing better eating it. Natural Balance LIDs come in a variety of uncommon protein sources, like Bison, Rabbit, Lamb, etc. Matching treats and canned foods are also available. Petco is a main seller of the food, but it can be ordered online.

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