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Hound Dog Mom

Hi Marie –

Sorry to hear the supplements aren’t working for Gemma. I’ve heard very mixed things about Chinese herbs – they seem to be hit or miss. I’m surprised the Swanson Mobility Essenials isn’t helping at all though. To make sure – are you basing her daily serving on the human dose of 6 caps per day (feeding her a percentage of that)? On the bottle it says serving size 3 caps but then recommends it twice a day (total of 6 caps per day) so I just wanted to make sure you weren’t accidentally basing her serving off 3 caps per day.

In some cases it’s just trial and error – you need to try things until you find something that works. I just started Gus on an esterified fatty acid supplement (NOW Foods Celadrin + MSM) and I know Sandy has said she has some of her seniors on one as well (I forget which brand she said she uses). So something like that would be worth trying. Have you tried enzyme supplements like Wobezyme? Other supplements I’ve heard good things about that could be worth a shot: duralactin, phycox, reservatrol, liquid hylaluronic acid and SOD.