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Hound Dog Mom

NectarMom –

I think Sandy had a good suggestion. You may want to forget the Darwin’s and possibly even the MPC and just use a pre-mix and mix in very lean meat (if you want to continue with raw). I would go with meat from the grocery store so you know exactly the level of fat you’re feeding – 95% lean ground beef, 97% lean ground turkey, chicken breast, etc. As for adding EFA’s – I’d just add a sardine or a fish oil capsule and maybe a very small amount of coconut oil a few days a week. I’m so sorry to hear that your dogs are having these issues. Some dogs just can’t tolerate high levels of fat and some breeds are pre-disposed pancreatitis. All of my dogs tolerate very high levels of fat (I sometimes feed up to 40%) – thank god, they eat so much the higher fat levels help me keep their food more calorie-dense.