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Patty I do not “think” or “feel” a food or treat is good or bad. I do not “think” or “feel” a method of training is good or bad. It either is or it is not or it in inconclusive. To spread unchecked info on a site that prides it self on doing what is best for a dog is a disservice to both pet owners and the site itself. Anything posted ends up as a reflection of the site and its credibility, i.e. if one was to post lets say the urban myth of bad Gerber baby food (which actually deals with an issue in France years ago and there is no recall now nor was there ever in North America) then someone reading will say DFA said…. not joe schmoe said. As a dog owner and someone who is replying to a posting it is our obligation to give correct info and not hearsay and misinformation. Under your Bryan and InkedMarie viewpoint if some posted they were having old english sheepdog puppies and I was to say you have to drown the ones with the same coloured eyes. because if they go blind in one then they will go blind in both (the belief of the day when the breed was created), that is fine. It takes seconds to double check what you are going to say, to unchecked it spreads information harmful to pets ten fold whether you intend it or not

Recent Replies