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Sounds like Gemma is acclimating to the new home nicely!It doesn’t sound like the foster home really was clear on communications. Its unfortunate, but some people say “good with other dogs” simply because she doesn’t fight with them. To me, “good with other dogs or likes” other dogs means they interact with them and look forward to the interaction.

I don’t think foster homes try to lie(I hope they don’t) but sometimes adopters have to scratch below the surface and question things. For example, my dogs are housebroken. What that sentence doesn’t clarify is that I am never gone longer than 4 hrs from here and hubby and I both work from home-so the dogs have as much access as they need to go out. Would they be housebroken in another home with a different schedule? Not sure : ) Then there is just the reality that some dogs do not do well in certain foster homes, and the worse reality that not all foster homes are created equal. Either way, I am thrilled to hear that you have her and did not give up easily. And even better news is that Mitch is just around the corner!!

Recent Replies