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Yes, I think he may have Heeler in him. The color resembles blue Merle much much more than it does the blue color of heelers though. He had a very soft double-coat (only double during winter months).

I’ve narrowed it down to 4 breeds that he has at least two of: Australian Kelpie (he has a frame much like one), Heeler (veeeery strong jaws, and attempts to snap at the feet of anything moving), Aussie (blue Merle color is the only reason, really.), and border collie (he also has a natural tenancy to do the crouch-and-stare when he sees something to potentially herd). I’ve done research on all four of those breeds. He has certain characteristics of all of them, in my opinion.

I don’t think there’s anything outside of those four herding breeds….who knows? Maybe he came from someone who was trying to invent a new herding hybrid with traits of all those! XD pics don’t do much justice….always seems different in real life, but here are a few more..
 photo image_zps45cf94b6.jpg
 photo image_zps3214d47b.jpg
 photo image_zps994b1cac.jpg

(Hehehehe….can’t resist adding his derpty-derp face!)
 photo f46935fb-eed1-40f8-859d-e765d5c52680_zpse9045113.jpg