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I’ve come across sellers of rawhide who insist their chews, made of corium, have no skin in them, insisting that corium is a tissue layer below the skin. This is incorrect. Corium is the middle layer of skin and is the layer traditionally labeled rawhide.

I think the people saying this simply are unaware of the structure of skin and parrot information they are given to market the product. Corium is not a common word, and the pet industry seems to be relying on people not being familiar with the term.

Dermis, however, is a word that I think most people recognize as referring to the skin, e.g. dermatology, so I was quite shocked when a company representative insisted their “collagen” chew was not made of skin, nor did it contain any part of the skin. The chew is dermis, NOT skin.

Baffling. Can they not hear what they are saying? Seems to me that the pet industry is gaslighting consumers.