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Jc C

I know this is an old post but my chorkie now 5 years old… Had the symptoms of every morning needing to put to frantically eat grass, lip licking air at night, etc.

2 months before she has pancreatitis over 1 week…

What works is
1- chicken legs human grade from grocery store boiled
2- I get the pure chicken raw dog food formula
3- 4 leaf rover Gut Guard and Protect which are soil based probiotics and heals the gut lining
4- a tiny bit of white rice to bind
5-a tiny bit of puree pumpkin

So I mix the chicken leg with the pure chicken raw formula which has some ground bone and organ… And cook them with the tiny bit of rice.

No more problems.

The pure chicken formula was too high in fat but chicken leg only was lacking some nutrients

Hope this helps.

The acid reflux was caused by when I fed her flax seed, brown rice and vegetables which are hard for dogs to digest.