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Jill M


Have you got to the bottom of this yet? The likeness to my 3.5yr old pug is uncanny.

At 2 years old she because severely unwell one night (we still don’t know why). The vet thought she had been poisoned or took an allergic reaction to something. She became lethargic, sickness and couldn’t control her bowels. She was rushed to emergency vets and blood levels showed sky high ALT. She recovered within hours of being on IV fluids and within a few weeks her ALT went back to normal. It’s happened 3 times since (after vaccines being once) although each time is slightly less severe a reaction to the first night. Every time she has raised ALT levels.

Her liver has been scanned by expert vets and nothing untoward was found. She on hydrolysed food (Hills z/d) and we are so strict with what she has access to/gets fed.

I am desperate for answers!