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Mutts and Cats

Hi Aimee. Since you have kindly shown an interest in my seizer, thought I would give you an update. I got the lab report for the blood draw last week, and his ALT and ALP are now back to where they were before I started the CBD Oil – about middle of the reference range. So that is a huge relief. The facts point very strongly to the CBD Oil having caused the rise, and this is a reminder of the perils of using substances with very little testing.
Also a huge relief is that it has been over a month since his last full seizure, and 16 days since the last partial seizure (or whatever those shaking episodes were). So the Keppra is really working so far. Keeping my fingers crossed that it continues to work. Thanks again for taking an interest.
I’ve been taking a bit of a break from my dog food research, but I’m sure in no time I’ll be back with more questions for you. M&C