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Mutts and Cats

Hi again Aimee. I had another revelation about my dog’s shaking episodes that I wanted to run past you. To see if you could help me brainstorm a bit. I am of course going to discuss this with my vet when I see her next week, but I am hoping to do some experimenting before then that will help with a diagnosis.

This morning I did not give the CBD Oil and he did have a shaking episode. That could very well have been a coincidence, or maybe the CBD is helping, but in a different way than what I was assuming.

I’m starting to think that these almost daily shaking episodes are not a seizure, or a pre-ictal almost seizure, but a digestion problem. Possibly liver issues, or some other ailment that is causing digestion problems. The shaking episodes are happening 5-20 minutes after he eats (but only the morning meal). That was not the case with his real seizures – some of those were before and some after. For those, it seemed to be more a time of day factor (~ 1.5 hours after I get up).

I’ve also noticed that since the daily shaking episodes started, it seems that they are becoming less intense and don’t last as long. That could be the CBD Oil helping, and if the shaking is caused by digestive problems maybe the CBD he was getting about an hour before eating is helping in that way (???).

So I am going to start experimenting with his breakfast. Making it smaller and less fat. He generally doesn’t even want to eat breakfast anyway, but I talk him into it because I didn’t want hypoglycemia to be a factor for seizures. So I purposely try to get him to eat before the time that he generally has a seizure, and once he starts eating then he eats pretty well. Maybe I was taking the wrong approach. If you have time to offer any thoughts, that would be great. And if you don’t have time, I completely understand. I know that I have become rather demanding of your time. M&C