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Hi M & C,

I hope you have had more shaking free days however if they continue and if you capture an episode on video perhaps your vet can help with interpretation.

Not sure if you saw this article on OTC CBD products marketed or pets. They do not name names and I didn’t see one that seemed to match with the Joy Organics Pet version but
the article is informative. https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/32346530/

As I recall liver enzyme 1/2 life is a bout 3 days in dogs. Meaning that if the insult stops, the level in the blood will be 1/2 of the initial level three days later. If you feel safe to discontinue the CBD before the blood test it may give you a better picture, but understandable to not discontinue if you feel it is controlling the episodes.

Hope this is a better week for you and your dog

Recent Replies