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Hi M &C,

Thank you for the kind words. The more I learn the more I realize how little I know. If the lab characterized the samples as N then I think you should be fine there.

I could be wrong on this but as I understand it Lipase in the panel refers to circulating lipase levels whose source is usually primarily the pancreas. When the pancreas is inflamed, ((pancreatitis) lipase levels will likely be increased. Lipase from the pancreas breaks down dietary fat in the intestine, allowing it to be absorbed. When there is enough fat consumed, the fat can be seen in the blood after eating.

Tissue lipase is bound to the tissue and its purpose is to facilitate the transfer of circulating fats out of the blood so they can be used at the tissue level. Some dogs have low tissue levels of lipase so when they eat fat it gets digested and into the blood, but can’t easily get out of the blood, putting them at risk for high triglycerides. There are other causes of elevated triglycerides, but as I understand it low tissue lipase is one cause.