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Hi once again Aimee. Sorry to keep peppering you with questions, but I just can’t help myself. I would love to get your input on this when you have time. I’ve been reevaluating my Worry List. The long list of dog food issues that I worry about. It has become so long, that I need to start letting some things go. Omega 6 fats and inflammation – specifically chicken – is the worry topic of the moment.

The holistic vet I consulted with shortly after my dog started having seizures called inflammation to my attention. She felt (without any testing I have to add) this was the root cause of his problems – not just the seizures but the fact that he had lost stamina, was not getting around well, and had developed anxious whining (was it anxiety or pain?). So chicken was her focus because it is inflammatory and she also thought he most likely was allergic to it. So I eliminated all chicken from his diet and started doing research. I did find that I agree with the fact that chicken is quite high in Omega 6 fats, compared to other meats (except pork is just as high) and I do believe in the inflammatory powers of Omega 6’s, so I have kept him off of chicken and also started avoiding foods with a high Omega 6 content (and high 6:3 ratio). Just recently I started reintroducing chicken in small quantities with no noticeable reaction. I’ve pretty much concluded that he is not allergic to it. The food allergy test did not show an IgE reaction and he never did have classic food allergy symptoms. But the worry about inflammation is still there. Plus, I have to admit that my dog is better overall, including seizures, now compared to before I eliminated chicken and started being careful about Omega 6. So, I am a little nervous about bringing it back. Your thoughts?

Would it be more appropriate for me to start a new Topic for a question like this, or is it ok to just keep asking here?

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