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Hi Danielle,

I’m so sorry that your dog and you are going through this. It sounds like you have a good team of Dr’s and that your dog is getting appropriate care.

My dog was on reglan after she developed esophagitis post anesthesia. She had no issues with the drug and her condition resolved after 6 weeks treatment.

My understanding is that bilious vomiting is related to a motility issue so using reglan makes sense to me. As I understand it the motility issue itself may be secondary to another problem so the homecooked diet trial seems appropriate. Please note that the current DCM issue associated with “grain free” is not due to a lack of grain. Dogs eating grain inclusive diets have also been affected. It seems linked to the use of peas and legumes as the primary carbohydrate sources in the diet.

You may want to consider discussing with your vets if a trial treatment for Physaloptera, the stomach worm, would be appropriate. My understanding is that this parasite can sometimes only be diagnosed on endoscopy. I say this because I know of a dog that had chronic intermittent vomiting and a single worm was found on scoping. It was removed and the dog had no further problems.