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Patricia A

Hi Aimee,
I looked at bag I have for “All life stages” does disclose under their Nutrient profile the exception for feeding for growth of large breed 70lbs. or more. I did write to them regarding their statement under facts/questions on website of reasoning for not feeding but no reply.

I wrote to Small Batch, and although a very detailed quick response regarding safety and benefits of garlic added, albeit very far down on ingredient list, .I have a worry about feeding frequently in my rotation. I appreciate your inquiry and would love to hear their reply regarding nutritional analysis of their food. My three did well with their very small pucks broken up on top of kibble in their turkey protein/flavor. So wouldn’t be opposite to feeding at times. That is if discrepancy is cleared up by their reply.

Uhhh..so many brands and so many pet owners on so many forums with their reasoning of why one is crappy and one is superior. Just overwhelming . lol

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