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Patricia A

Hi Aimee.
,”You are correct WSAVA does not approve foods so I’m unsure why you are asking if certain foods should be removed from the WSAVA recommended list since you seem to recognize that there is no such list. Perhaps you an clarify that point for me.”

You’re absolutely right. I got lost in conflicting info. Just refreshed myself on WSAVA “guidelines”.No “list” exists. I knew that . Uhhh Posting when full brain not engaged is never a good idea. lol Sorry about that.

One question. Why didn’t Europe have reports of DCM? I know that Europe nutrient Profiles must contain minimum amounts of nutrients based on requirement of low activity vs high activity dogs for each 1000kcals. In the US there is no distinction between activity levels.
Maybe this is why there was no surgence in Europe in dogs being fed grain free ????

Recent Replies