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Please do not feed your dog anything that comes from India, China, Thailand, etc., treats or food.

I get my Andi the only treats she’s allowed to eat from deedogdelectables.com — homemade, organic, limited ingredients, and you can get either jerky treats or cookies/biscuits or both. My dog likes the beef jerky best, but she doesn’t turn down a treat! You can break the jerky up into little pieces for things like potty training, which you know you’ll be handing out often during the day. Well, we hope you will, LOL!

If you’re shopping for chewy toys, Petsmart, Walmart, grocery store, discount store, big box store — Just say NO! And beware of deceptive packaging – the front will proudly say “MADE IN THE USA” but the back says “with ingredients from China.”

No food or treats you can buy at ANY discount store, big box store, chain pet store, or grocery store are fit for your dog to eat. I’ve seen too many dogs die or get very, very sick from eating mostly Purina, Hills, and Royal Canin, which are all nothing but garbage. This is my opinion, of course, based on my personal experiences, and I stand by it.

If you have any trouble going to shop at deedogdelectables.com – please let me know. Thanks!
p.s. No, that’s not my business, but my dog has eaten treats from there for three years or more.

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