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Patricia A

Being 14 she’s not feeling so great at times which inevitably comes with aging . It’s heartbreaking then to also have to suffer from this painful condition.
I’ve never thankfully had a dog suffer from pancreatitis .Hopefully others on this board can share their experiences and be of help.
I do know that my little Chihuahuas’ cannot tolerate too much fat in their diet. Dark meat of chicken will give them vomiting and diarrhea . A little boiled salmon they’ll do fine with. However, two days in a row and digestive issues. Their diet is generally freeze dried mixed with a little kibble. I use this site to only use the 5* proteins/flavors of primal and Stella Chewy’s. I believe his lower scores are higher in fat to protein ratio.
Could your little Yorkie have eaten something you’re not aware of off the floor? My elderly mom “accidentally” dropped some beef lomein on floor while eating. Saw Sophie chewing something under table. Next day didn’t want to eat and tail tucked under, stomach gurgling. Finally right before I was going to go to emergency vet (late at night Sunday)after looking like she was in pain I got her to eat a little boiled chicken n rice. Seemed to start acting like herself.
I hope your little Yorkie is feeling better. Maybe you can try a little boiled white meat chicken. A little boiled egg might also fill her up. Could the medication be causing side effects?
Hope this helps.