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lexie M

hey guys. I have been dealing with this for a very long time my dog is now 13. she’s a pit mix. We are currently having an episode right now that’s what made me finally search it on the internet. I’ve tried all your common acid reflux medicine and she’s on Science Diet sensitive skin and stomach dog food. But what I have noticed in these last few episodes she has had is she starts having them in the middle of eating her dog food she goes from eating dog food all the sudden she’s hacking like she’s got dog food stuck in her throat and then looking for grass or carpet or whatever she can eat. We’ve been going through this for years I think the sensitive skin and stomach dog food has helped but still we have the episodes but now like I said it is whenever she is eating she will start after she has choked on a piece or something. Because it’s not after she eats, it’s mid meal. She’s ate so much carpet and other things in the past and then usually 2 – 3 days in she would throw up all the grass all the carpet she ate in a big ol wad and she would feel better. Her last episodes I have never noticed that final throw up happening it just finally subsides actually. I keep a closer eye on her now and make sure she doesn’t eat carpet and try not to let her eat grass when she goes outside. These episodes still last 2 to 3 days and she’s just miserable makes me so sad for her but it’s not acid reflux it’s not allergies it’s like she gets food stuck in her throat I massage her throat tap her on her back try to do whatever I can to dislodge this piece of dog food or whatever is making her choke and hack we still have not had any luck though. I showed my video to vets as well this is like this most uncommon ailment in dogs nobody knows how to cure it if it isnt acid reflux and it isn’t allergies…

Recent Replies