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Hav mom

Oh My! It is so hard to lose weight . But, I think you should start by adding a small amount of the Perfect Weight at each meal with her Senior Vitality formula. About a week should do it until it is completely Perfect Weight food. She should be more or less starting to lose weight by the second week on the Perfect Weight food alone. But, if you prefer the 50/50 method, check with your vet and see if that would be alright for her at this time. ( It is like when you change the dog to a different food .) Actually, she is halfway. there.
Also, you could add a few veggies when you cut the Senior Vitality out. Carrots, broccoli, tiny pieces of apple. etc. that should help the transition, also less calories, filling and healthy for them. Hope it helps. Perhaps someone else has a better solution to help you with this.
. Good Luck.