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Linda M

I know this post is quite old, but I wanted to respond in case others find it while looking for a food for a dog who has both kidney failure and pancreatitis. Our dog, who is now 14 years old, has had kidney failure for more than three years. He was doing well on Hills K/D plus daily subcutaneous fluids but then all of a sudden was on death’s door with pancreatitis. He got through that, but I was left searching for a low-fat diet that would not result in pancreatitis again. The vet was no help. Through Internet research, I found Dr. Harvey’s, which is a base product you mix with water and then add your own protein and oil (for fat). This has been absolutely wonderful, and my dog is pretty much back to where he was a few years ago. It has also dramatically improved his symptoms of inflammatory bowel disease. The customer service from the company is incredible–they happily email with you to discuss their program and encourage you to call them on the phone to discuss your dog’s particular needs. I hope this helps someone else out there!