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tyler L

This is all painful to read but just some fyi’s to all the comments. 1st, Royal Canin and Hills prescription diet had dogs in the study that acquired DCM and it went away with food change (1st case listed in study was Dalmatian fed Hills urinary). Mars who owns Royal Canin had a total combination of over 30 DCM cases amongst their brands and I can almost guarantee they share same ingredients between lines. This has been stated by a certified food nutritionalist. Example of using same ingredients across brands would be Science diet pet store cans and Hills prescription cans both getting the same high levels of vitamin D causing quite a few dog deaths. According to WSAVA standards, Hills should no longer be a certified food for this happening but nothing has changed. Also their are a few lines of Royal Canin that don’t hold to WSAVA standards due to concealing certain data but they still have the stamp of approval on them. Sorry to say but the whole pet food industry in North America is screwed up! Feed the food that seems to work best with your dog and cross your fingers. If you feed grain free because it works but are concerned about the 1 in 1 million chance of DCM, then supliment with taurine. Strange things can cause DCM, even carnitin issues. Thats my 2 cents.