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Hemmyngs K

Hi, Hilla! you can consult your vet and he will recommend the best food for your cat. And if your cat likes it, then you will understand it. Besides, I found various articles with reviews of the best cat food for 2021 on Google, you can see them. I feed the cat Rachael Ray Nutrish super premium food for cats that is made with simple, natural ingredients with added vitamins and minerals. This high-quality product helps in maintaining healthy organs and muscles. It contains no ground corn, wheat, soy, poultry by-product meal, fillers, artificial flavors, or preservatives and that’s great! Also, the cat food contains B vitamins, proteins, Biotin, and Zinc, which help support healthy skin and coat and reduce shedding and dry skin. I sometimes feel like I feed my cat better than I feed myself. By the way, my vet said that I should do prevention from worms and parasites for my cat and advised me to order and add to cat food Diatomaceous Earth food grade to get rid of parasites and various pests. You can find the review here https://catademy.com/diatomaceous-earth-for-fleas/ . I hope this is a natural remedy that is safe for cats. If you know anything about this product, please let me know.

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