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Patricia A

Subby so sorry your going through this with your pup. First off from experience I know my two will get diarrhea with any food too high in fat. This would include DARK meat chicken. Only boiled white meat breasts is what I can feed. Also , I had a pooh eater. Never failed to give her diarrhea. After weeks of making sure I was right there to pooper scoop hers or my other ones pooh to the pail and a stern yell of her name she no longer has that habit thus stopping the diarrhea. So make sure she is not eating her own pooh.
Now don’t believe a diet strictly of chicken/rice is given her proper nutrition in the long run. As long as your vet says there is no problem such as IBD then it’s going to be a painstaking task of finding a food that agrees with her.
I believe the trouble begins when any food introduced is not VERY SLOWLY introduced. Then the diarrhea and thinking it’s not agreeing your switching AGAIN and it’s a vicious cycle then.
Don’t know if possibly the kibble you gave wasn’t agreeing with her? So as long as you have stopped kibble you can SLOWLY,, being a two kibble at a time each day introduce a new brand? Kibble is only a VERY small portion of my dogs’ diet. I feed freeze dried and home cooked . However, again those low in fat. My dogs’ do very well with Stella Chewy’s kibble in chicken grain free. Freeze dried is what DFA rates as 5* because lower in fat. This works for my two. But again..introduced VERY, VERY, VERY slowly. Mine two did have loose stool for the first few days but gave it a chance and now doing great with their diet. Hope this helps a little.

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