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Ray K

My dog would have these episodes infrequently throughout the years. They weren’t very intense so I just watched her when she’d have one to see if it escalated but they never lasted longer than maybe 10 minutes. But last night she had a really bad one and it was freaking her out an me too. This is what brought me here. I am reading that this is an acid reflux problem which makes sense especially just before the attack her stomach was making all kinds of noises and I noticed it.

I know in people acid reflux often times is caused by “low” stomach acid. The remedy is to take a digestive enzyme with your food, especially one with ox bile. This occurs especially as we age as our digestion slows down. I’m assuming it may be a similar situation with dogs and cats to probably. I have done this in the past with my dog because she had an issue where we had to give her large amounts of antibiotics so I was giving her probiotics and a digestive enzyme for a while. I think I will start again and hopefully this won’t happen again especially since she is almost 14. Thanks for all the good answers I found on here.