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Amy B

Our rescue Frenchie has severe IBD. Her doctor prescribed the Hills GI Biome food, which did help her BMs for a little while, but now she’s back to the straining & blood, and on top of things she HATES that food & pretty much snubs it unless I can put something on it.

We have tried switching to a kangaroo food, and that didnt go well. Now we are trying something similar to her script food with microorganisms but a limited ingredient & duck protein. That has helped with the blood, but is not firming up her stool.

Considering adding a frozen raw or freeze-dried raw, or perhaps mixing in the script & adding raw. Idk

My real question is HOW LONG SHOULD WE TRY FOODS before ruling them out as helpful or not???

She is also taking prednisone, and has been on & off of Metronidazole for the past 4 months (currently off for about a week but I have refills if I need to go back to it).

Recent Replies