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Alex C

I have a Dane pup, going on 8 months, allergic to chicken. It’s been rough trying not to break the bank when it comes to a whole grain, chicken-free formula. I came across this forum to see what was here. I checked out the Muenster Ocean Fish one you thought about going with; the ingredients include chicken fat. That’s my issue. If a manufacturer goes to length to make a chicken-free formula, how can they have chicken fat in the ingredients? Why not use pork or beef fat?

The ones I have found (as far as I can see in the ingredients are chicken-free and chicken fat-free):
-Honest Kitchen Dehydrated Organic Turkey or Beef (comes in a 10 lb box and you rehydrate to make 40 lbs total)
-Stella & Chewy’s Stella’s Essentials Kibble Grass Fed Beef & Wholesome Grains Recipe
-Fromm Four-Star Whitefish & Potato Formula
-Zealambder™ Recipe Dog Food
-Fromm Four-Star Pork & Applesauce Formula (chicken-free, but contains egg)

Also not an exhaustive list, but hope this helps someone else reading as some of the recommendations here helped point me in the right direction.