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Taylor C

I just wanted to let you know that we had her CT scan done last Monday and on Thursday evening the vet had called me back with some extremely devastating news … she had a large mass in her right nasal cavity that had migrated up to her cranial area as well as a lump in her lymph node (on the same side) that was almost positively cancerous. The steroids stopped working and the cancer had started to push everything from her right side over to her left so she lost the use of her left nasal passage. I tried tumeric, CBD drops, herbs specifically meant to fight cancer and it was all in vain, there was no turning back for her. I made the hardest decision of my life on Sunday evening to finally put her to sleep. She was struggling and I couldn’t watch her suffer anymore, she deserved peace. If there’s anyone on here who is currently struggling with the same symptoms in your fur babies I urge you to go straight to a CT scan. What breaks my heart is that I tried treatment and after treatment with no avail because it was masked as “allergies” or a “foreign body” and maybe, just maybe if I had of caught it early I could have turned things around. Just wanted to give you and update in hopes that this maybe can help someone else.