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Patricia A

Taylor I’m so sorry that after all treatments and test she still has these health issues. You wrote that her discharge is unilateral. I would think this is very telling to the vet. All those antibiotics and still no relief. Don’t know why when the vet couldn’t do the rhinoscopy he prescribed even MORE instead of going right to CT scan which hopefully give the true cause of her suffering and finally correct treatment.
This is a long shot but has anything changed in the way of detergents , air fresheners or scented candles in the home. I know many dogs have severe symptoms from the plug in diffuses. When did her symptoms start. Could it be an allergic reaction to one of the common allergies outside at this time of year? But again, I’m thinking you said discharge is only one side of nose and I would think that if it were an allergy or infection it would be bilateral.
Please post when you get results of CT scan.I hope a reason and hence treatment.

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