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Laura L

Hi Rachelle & Kathy – I am so sorry for all you are going through with your dogs. It sounds like you both have tried everything within your means that the vets have suggested. I had similar experiences with one of my dogs and ended up finding that I didn’t need all of the expensive tests to help my dog. We treated the symptoms instead of searching for a diagnosis. After much online research, we found a site that seemed to have a lot of experience with pet digestive problems. We started with a probiotic and added some digesitve supplements and saw significant improvement. They are from a site called Ask Ariel: https://www.askariel.com/pet-probiotics-p/81.htm Unfortunately, many vets just want to sell you their special food and medications. Don’t get me wrong…many times the medications are necessary. We never got a definitive diagnosis, but once we switched off the prescription foods and started the supplements our dog really improved. I think the food the vet was giving us was actually making the symptoms worse.

Recent Replies