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Patricia A

I would prefer to have protein twice as much as the fat also Aimee.I am doing just what you suggested regarding the kcal/kg. I actually wrote all the flavors down on paper of the three different brands I rotate with .I put the Kcal in order of lowest to highest. I always have a few different protein/flavors and brands to rotate with. For their snack they get one freeze dried piece of either Open Farm or Bixbi So when my two are more active being I take them for a longer walk, I don’t mind giving the the one higher in the calories because they love those flavors. I notice a BIG difference between Stella and Chewy’s Kcal vs Primal in the same protein also. My one that tends to get chubby is given more of the Primal in the lower kcals. But really their diet is varied with home cooked when appropriate also. Had their checkup recently and they got a clean bill of health with the blood work. So, so far so good.
Thank you so much Aimee for posting. You give me a much better understanding of how to look between the lines when reading labels. I’m going to use the dot.com site . Thank you again Aimee.