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Hi Amy,
Have you tried something stronger then Pepcid?? Pepcid didnt help my boy, it did nothing, join the “Acid Reflux in dogs” on Face Book https://www.facebook.com/groups/1635198406751056.
alot of dog owners swear by Gastro Elm.. Its slippery Elm powder Musmallow Root & other powders to help dogs digestive tract
I use Pantoprazole-20mg every morning now as the Omeprazole didnt seem to work for Patch, it didnt help my GERDS either, 2018 January Patches Vet did another Endoscope + Biopsies vet needs the Biopsy results so vet can treat dog properly, when camera went down Patches esophagus he saw how red & inflamed his esophagus was from the acids washing back up esophagus & down his wind pipe was also red & inflamed no wonder she was crying & whinging, he’s a real talker
Does your dog cough?? if yes they cough so the acid stays out of wind pipe before it goes into lungs, I never knew Patch was this bad he did hold& not show me how much pain he really was in, I just thought he’s whinging again, as they age their lower esophageal sphincter flap in between stomach & esophagus doesn’t close properly same in humans as we age we don’t make as much Hydrochloric acid in our stomach & this is when we & dogs get their bad acid reflux the Pantoprazole has stop Patch vomiting he hasn’t vomited since 2018.. Also diet change & feeding 5 smaller meals a day.
Have you tried CBD oil this was prescribed for Patch start with just 3 drops CBD oil on a piece of dry biscuit, I tried the CBD oil aswell so I knew what Patch was feeling & I’m glad I did cause the prescriber recommend I start with 5 drops then every 2nd day increase 1 ml till its working, 3 drops works just fine on a 40lb -18kg 11 yr old dog. He sleeps thru the night peacefully.