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Sage K

I’m having the same problem exactly right now. We have a female and male basset hound and he started having his licking/eating everything outside ( grass, spiders webs, fox tails ( the plant thing not the animal) and whatever else on the ground). I took him to the vet who I normally find really good but she didn’t seem to take me very seriously and just said the fox tails would’ve irritated his throat and gave some anti’ inflammatory’s. Which he ran out of today, he still gulped here and there throughout the last 5 days on them. Then this evening he was asleep with me in bed, got up to drink a ton of water and then decided to go outside. An hour later my husband woke me up saying he wouldn’t come inside. So I had to literally carry him in because he wouldn’t stop eating the grass etc. He went insane for 2 hours panicking that I wouldn’t let him eat the grass and swallowing a bunch.
I read this forum and gave him two tums. He is asleep now * knock on wood * and I’m really hoping it’s gone by tomorrow. Before the tums to really calm down the excessive swallowing and drooling I distracted him with some ice cubes and frozen blue berries all over the floor so he had to really think about them and I think it helped to take his mind off his throat.
It’s extremely hard and frustrating to watch. 2.5 hours of non stop panic/crying from him.. and out of the blue.
He is eating angus beef and oatmeal food and normally we fed him salmon and sweet potato food, or lamb and oatmeal. Wondering if that has to do with it? The other female pup is fine.
Thanks everyone.

Recent Replies