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RaNelle S

OMG!! My 10 year old, male yellow lab started eating his poop, all of a sudden, a little while back (year and a half or two years ago)! I chalked it up to boredom so I have been stalking him and scooping it immediately (he tends to gobble it down even when instructed not too, yikes!).
Well, last May, he started having chronic diarrhea and soft poop sometimes with mucus, sometimes grainy, with a more yellow color. Since he was current on his vaccinations and all the labs were normal, his vet concluded IBD and changes were made to us food (Hill’s Vet Diet low-fat I/D) and added daily probiotic ( Proviable). Needless to say, it returned again this May. So, he saw a specialist who has recommended a limited ingredient, novel protein diet, change in probiotic (Visbiome), and at least a 30 day round of Metronidazole, 500mg per day. I failed to mention the sudden poop eating to the specialist so I am sure glad I saw Katherine J’s post!!
Thank you for sharing your wisdom Katherine J!!! I am going to follow up with his primary vet about EPI on Monday.

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