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Patricia A

KH I’m confused with the reasoning that your vet advised a low protein diet . How would that solve the gas problem caused from the gulping of food. Maybe one of those bowls where the dog is forced to eat slowly . Did your vet give you an explanation why she would benefit from a low protein diet. Myvet actually told me to up the protein with fresh meat added since older dogs get muscle mass waste and need the extra protein.
(When dietary protein intake is inadequate, protein will initially be depleted from skeletal muscle, accelerating muscle wastage. General guidelines of 2.55g protein/kg bodyweight (BW) for healthy dogs and 5g/kg BW for cats have been suggested, but senior animals may need up to 50 percent more than this (Churchill, 2018). Although still an ongoing area of investigation, an increased intake of protein appears to be of particular benefit and has demonstrated a reduction in sarcopenia in dogs and cats (Laflamme, 2018). As yet, however, no optimal protein level has been determined. )

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