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Antonio A

Hi again, thanks lot for you kind answer. i truely think it all started with a high fat thing, the dog attacked unoticely a plate that had fats and the second day she felt so ill and i rushed her to the vet, but still, all other options you mentioned might still be the reason,
yes the vet content as per the vet should be minimized so we dont go back to pancreas issues, tomorrow she has ultrasound and i will redo the blood test and see where we are
for her diet, her vet is same as me trying to figure out what to feed so i almost gave up, i just fed her a spoon of renal Hills can and a spoon of can food that is low in fat and protein with 0.61 phosphorus, white rice and minced low fat beef with a sprinkle of Ipakitin and some shreds of chicken breast boiled just to pass today until i figure out what diet to stick to
i forgot to mention that she is very very active and very playfull and doesnt seem to be bothered, just that she lost a lot of weight and a bit dehydrated. will put her on IV fluids tomorrow to have her better hydrated, my only concern now is her diet!
we dont have Hills where i live i was buying online from here and there, i highly appreciate if you can share with me a recipe i can cook or prepare or anything i can do to manage her feeding, i will also share here her results tomorrow, i also saw that Royal Canine 8+ has low proteins and low fats but the protein is really very low (2.5-5.55%) that i think is too low!