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Rachelle B

Thanks for the reply, Patricia! I was never told exactly what it was, but found out actually fairly recently that had to be it. He was having uncontrollable watery diarrhea with like you mentioned, a LOT of jelly-like blood in it.
When I took him off the food completely, it was boiled white chicken and rice. I don’t think the chicken was more so the problem than the rice purely because I actually kept giving him a little chicken with his dry food, I just decided to take him completely off the rice.

I definitely don’t think this time was the same incidents as November and February! It is a firmer stool now, just spots of mucusy blood in it. I ended up taking it to the vet today and she agreed that it’s more than likely his stomach just adjusting to the Z/D diet. She said we’ll give it another 7 days fully on the new food before worrying about the blood, as long as he keeps acting normal.

And yes, I’ve started feeding him 4 times throughout the day now and it plus Prilosec before bed has completely stopped the regurgitation + throwing up of bile for several weeks now. I just worry in the future if I’m not able to keep that schedule (right now it’s easy because of the quarantine + even after the quarantine, my work is only 5 minutes from my house — but I worry if there’s any changes to that in the future where I can’t come home and feed him for lunch, because he refuses to eat unless I’m at home with him).

I’ll definitely keep that food in mind, I appreciate it! I’m trying to do what I can to help him without introducing too many things at once and making it worse.

I just wish now I knew exactly what the problem was, IBD, food allergy, or something else! That’s a big reason too why I posted this out here in case anyone else has come across this same situation with their dog. But I’m crossing my fingers after this food change is fully accepted by his tummy, he’ll go back to a normal lifestyle and maybe be a healthy, young, 4 year old pup again. <3