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Kathleen H

Patricia thank you for the response. Yes, lipomas do grow, fortunately, they do not turn cancerous. I trust my vet completely though and she knows that I question her with the vaccines and generally does not push anything on me. As stated I just wanted to make sure with the distemper because we were going to be in the RV as much as possible and there are at times other dogs around. Rabies..well that’s a no brainer I have seen Einstein race and get halfway up a tree after a chipmunk before I had a chance to process it! Being outside bats and rodents are an issue..I do not think I will get the 3 yr rabies anymore as it does take a few days for them both to recover from it. One year rabies from here on out! and no more distemper. I guess as long as he is healthy and happy, he is too, he is a good boy. He is not crazy like I have seen other JRTS. He is the boss of his little (40lb)bro..lol. Panda will come crying to me if Einstein puts him in his place. I hate to take the Freshpet away because they get it twice a day and they both love it..only chicken or turkey they have never liked beef dog food. The high-fat content is worrisome but they are both at a healthy weight and get plenty of fresh air, sunshine, and exercise. I will, however, take your suggestion and try freeze-dried when I am out of the Freshpet I just purchased again yesterday, Thank you for the suggestion. I also at My mealtime give a few veggies and meat b4 its seasoned and put in a separate area with their food to cut down on the begging eyes when I am eating. I also give them plain yogurt when my Unneutered BC mix starts having issues with a full stream. I also have been giving spring water for the last 5 years. When Panda had his skin irritations I started eliminating things one at a time. City water and water conditioned water. It’s hard to pinpoint but you have to start someplace ( he was a rescue and my vet will not neuter at his age and said if I am trying to get rid of the behaviors it won’t work anyway. I do the best I can but it’s my belief that there is always room for improvemen> I have been curious about freeze-dried but haven’t tried it yet. Thank you for your feedback and it sounds like you truly care about your pets too! I’m 55 and I don’t understand why when I was growing up we had maybe 5 choices of dog food and most often the family dog was given table scraps and lived to be a good old age! It’s the chemicals that come with technological advancements IMO!