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Kathleen H

Actually his weight is great! he weighs just under 10lbs. He is technically a mix of a shortie and parsons. He has the long legs like his mother, His dad had the short legs. He was also the runt of the litter. He looks buff. He runs and jumps and plays like a puppy at times. The last vet visit his vet said he and my 12 yr old Border Collie mix are very healthy for their age and look half their age! I have been giving them both CBD pellets made from the entire hemp plant the last 4 yrs which IMO has helped their coat and their old age everything. Back to my JRT Einstein, I walk him every 4 hours. It does seem like the lipoma has been pressing near where he urinates and I have seen his little ” wee, wee” when he is having a bowel movement the past month…I had NEVER seen it ever as he was neutered as soon as he was able years ago. The only difference is the switch of food. I have considered grain-free but having eliminated corn, wheat and soy in the kibble they had been eating did improve both of their coats and my BC mix no longer has skin allergies.I do believe they need a few grains. Im just wondering if the fat content in the food could just be adding to the bulk in his stomach.and he is not digesting it well.It has had no ill effects on my BC mix. As I stated he does relieve himself, both ways every 4 hours when I take them out as does the BC mix. The Vet did say the lipoma might eventually get in the way of him urinating but advised against surgery at his age even several years ago. I absolutely hate the idea of going back to kibble full-time because of the vitamin D that sometimes gets through in almost any brand!. I know I will get backlash from this but I was feeding them Rachel Ray Nutrish Real Chicken and veggies recipe which was a come up from the Beneful they had always eaten as einsteins parents ate it and I just kept him on it after I was able to take him home. When I rescued My BC Mix..he just ate what Einstein ate. I spend more money on my dogs than I do myself! As far as vaccines go…They got whatever was required up until 3 years of age, the distemper/parvo and something else combo. They only get Rabies every 3 years. They did, however, get the distemper booster two years ago. I had a vet when I lived in PA tell me unless my dogs were around other dogs they really did not need that vaccine after the age of 3. Well, when I moved back to NY this vet said she had heard that from a lot of people and talked me into getting that done several years ago. That was only because I have an RV and my dogs are in the woods a lot. I did not get them the Lyme disease shot because I believe that their monthly Advantix II should take care of ticks anyways. I believe less is best! Idk I guess I will just talk to their vet about the food when they go to their wellness exam in about 6 wks.I guess what it really boils down to is at 12 years of age I know my time left with them is less than the time I’ve had with them and my anxiety gets the best of me. Thank you for your response and I am sorry this has been such a long reply!