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Erin M

I’ve been reading this thread for 4 years and it has been fascinating and full of so much great input. I’m wondering what y’all are doing after pea/lentil report came out last year. I’m struggling to find a good puppy food for my Labs that complies. My breeding friends and I all had been using TOTW successfully for years, but the report has puppy buyers scared for sure, so we’ve all shifted to Fromm Gold Large Breed Puppy. It’s been good, but expensive and only a few distributors so not easy for new owners to purchase. Another breeder friend is using Victor Hi Pro Plus or Nutra Pro- both look like good food for adults but seems like the calcium is too high. PitLuv, is that your understanding since you use this brand? Also, another breeder is using Diamond Naturals Large Breed Puppy. I haven’t been able to get good info on the calcium because they state a minimum level, not max or ratios on their site. Really looking for input on what you’re doing now to be pea/legume free, if anything. Thanks!