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Patricia A

anonymous you are being very closed minded. Susan Thixton does NOT endorse ANY dog food/companies. She gives ONLY factual information regarding practices of manufactures, where their food sources comes from, if they are humanely sourced and also feed grade or truly human grade and not road kill. Why don’t you view this video of her and see for yourself how she does this and why. MAYBE you’ll appreciate all her hard work that goes into holding companies accountable and transparent regarding what exactly goes into the food we feed our much loved dogs. VETS DO NOT research pet food. She is working to get companies which the food is FEED quality to have to put that on the bag. DOG FEED . Companies which are using human grade manufactured in human grade facilities will put on DOG FOOD!!!! Big difference between the two . Look it up yourself. This is her video if your interested . https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QpfWkji64IE

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