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Patricia A

Hi Nadia. I’m so glad to hear how well Lacey is dong the frozen raw. It gives me confidence to to switch over from the freeze dried with my two Chihuahuas’. I know it will be cheaper with the frozen also..But I do like the convenience of not having to defrost. I always forget even to defrost my meat so another thing to remember for me. lol I remember a few years ago when there was a rep from Stella & Chewy’s at my local Pet Supply store with samples of their freeze dried. I didn’t even stop to get a pamphlet. It was so foreign to me to give anything else but kibble. After I saw the film as you did Truth about pet food I tried out the freeze dried. I subscribe to Thixton’s list also every new year. So happy that Tia and Loli are doing so well on the different brands and proteins . Just feel good about feeding them what I feel is a much better diet then kibble or canned.I enjoy their enthusiasm when eating and never any stomach problems. My next step is to stop the kibble base. I only give five or six with the freeze dried. I throw that in after I add warm water to the food so it stays crunchy. . I’m worried they’ll miss the little bit of crunch if I stop. lol
Going to order a small Raw bistro from my pet supply store. Maybe use as treats along with the Bixbi Rawwbles I now use. Happy Holidays to you and Lacey!

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