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Marisa J

I work at a pet store and I can tell you I’ve only ever had one dog deny Farmina so far. And the dog was fed raw and they were looking to find a kibble. So, when going from something so fresh to something cooked and not fresh it’s pretty hard.

Farmina is awesome though! They are a high protein kibble and low carb. They are from Italy so the standards there are much higher than any USA dog food.

They produce bags to vendors orders. So it’s nice to know that these bags are not sitting on a shelf waiting for dust.

They also press fruits and vegetables together and spray this on their kibble for a vitamin supplement. So no random vitamin E supplement purchased from the market. And I think this is why so many dogs and cats love their food.

They also cold press their ingredients into the shape.

Farmina is an awesome kibble! Their bags range in price too depending on proteins and flavors too.