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Hi Katherine W,

I don’t think there is a straightforward answer, which is why you can find various advice on the matter. Omega 3’s have been shown to be beneficial in pancreatitis in other species. Not sure that there is research done in dogs. I think having Omega 3 as part of a low fat diet can potentially be beneficial.

Is supplementation is safe for your dog? I think that depends on the total fat content of the diet, how much fat is added as an Omega 3 source (this will vary depending on the concentration of the supplement). and how fat tolerant/intolerant the patient is

Adding together all sources of fat how many grams of fat/day is your dog consuming? What percentage of calories is coming from fat? What is the current EPA/DHA intake?

It sounds like your vet wants to trim down the fat content in your dog’s overall diet. It may be that moving to a lower fat food an appropriate supplement could be used, and still be lowering the fat content overall.

These are all things that could be discussed with your vet. (A bit of nutritional number crunching will be needed here) It could be that your vet has taken all this into consideration and for your dog thinks the risk outweighs the benefit.