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Sheila J

My boxer, Walter has had 2 surgeries, and has severe adhesions. They can’t do anything about it because it’s where his pancreas, stomached, and intestines all meet. His scar tissue has even started to grow blood vessels in which his pancreas is feeding. He’s slowly starving. I have found 1 thing that might work. It’s the only thing left, unless we can find a specialist to operate, but with the blood vessels growing in the scar tissue, and the tens of thousands of dollars we’ve spent within the last 5 years to get no answers except allergies or pancreatitis, we don’t have it. So, castor oil is the last shot we have. I’ve found many incidents of it helping people, so why not animals? You rub it on their skin, put an undyed patch on it, or soak the patch I it, then put it I the area of problem, wrap with Saran wrap for an hour. Do this a couple of times a week, it’s supposed to soften the scar tissue. I am praying it works. Good luck to all of you and your fur babies