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Melanie M

Hi everyone,
My dog has been diagnosed with this rare and frustrating disease this
Past month. I’ve read through a few posts and the last few from MelanIe B is somewhat giving me hope as my name is also MelanIe. So maybe that is a sign! Who knows but I’ll take anything! My baby girl an 8 year old papillon. We have discussed surgery and have decided with success rate being so low we do not want to put her through something so invasive. Mel B you mention the plural port,
I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind telling me how many times a month you would have to remove fluid and every time you did what was the price for doing so? Also was the milligrams of Rutin you were giving your baby prescribed by the vet? Was the honey and cinnamon you were giving prescribed to prevent inflammation or because his chest was becoming inflamed? I want to learn as much as I can I do as
Much as I possibly can to help my baby before making any decisions on letting her go. I hope to hear from you and or anyone else that could help! I greatly appreciate everything and anything! Thank you
Mel M.