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I hope your German Shepherds are doing well & you were able to find a good food that works for them! How are they?

Thank you for your kind words above and you’re welcome. I especially love helping w/other GSDs! What an amazing breed we are blessed to have in our lives.

I was just thinking about our exchange going back a few months, since we were talking specifically about gluten & celiac disease for you. If you are still around or check back here, I’d love to hear your thoughts for my own dog. As it turns out, we’ve recently learned that she may be allergic to wheat. She had a pretty severe allergic flare.

What I know about this in dogs is really just that: wheat is a common food allergen in food allergic dogs, while gluten intolerance in dogs has only been found as a rare inherited condition in Irish Setters (Gluten Sensitive Enteropathy).