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If you would like to try a controlled therapeutic hypoallergenic diet (by prescription) first, commercial options, here’s one I think would be worth trying:

Farmina Vet Life Ultra Hypo

The single protein is fish and it is grain inclusive.

It combines using an alternative/novel protein that is not known to be a common allergen in dogs AND is hydrolyzed, breaking the amino acids down thereby making it even less likely for a dog to experience an allergic reaction. It is hydrolyzed to 6,000 daltons.

This diet has gone through a clinical research trial to establish its efficacy for dogs with food allergies or intolerances. I like the company & its foods, the use of fish as the hydrolyzed protein source, and its simple clean + quality ingredient list. And this is likely to be a very highly digestible diet — making the lower protein (~20% DMB) while doing a food trial less of a worry.

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